While the Coca Cola company hasn’t always been eco-friendly (there have been rumors regarding pesticide use and Coke has been involved in battling some recycling legislation), they’ve also worked to help the environment.  coca-cola-recycled-sculptureThe company has electric delivery vehicles and they’ve added wind power to some of their manufacturing plants.  Well, now the company has done something else—they’ve trashed the UK coastline with millions of aluminum cans!

But wait, before you judge the company harshly, know that this was planned.  Coke has created a huge recycled sculpture to celebrate and support the UK Recycle Week, the week between June 22nd and June 28th.  The sculpture is more than 50 meters across and is made completely from used aluminum cans.  The image created is from Coke’s 1949 summer poster and features a woman relaxing on the beach with a large bottle of Coke behind her.  The sculpture has been dubbed the world’s largest sculpture to be created out of all recycled materials.

Recycle Week and the giant sculpture were created to help bring more attention to recycling and what it can do for the environment and the amount of energy we use.  Throughout the rest of the week, various recycling programs and activities will be held across the UK.

In addition to creating the sculpture and sponsoring many Recycling Week activities, Coke has also launched an educational program promoting recycling and is actively working to create recycling stations in shopping centers, parks, and airports.  The idea here is to make it just as easy to recycle when out in public as it is when at home.  While aluminum recycling is certainly a part of these stations, it’s not the only focus: paper, glass, and other materials will also be recycled.

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