Parents of college students see it all the time: they go to visit their son or daughter in the dorm expecting to find him or her living in a tidy, if small, little room.  green-pizza-boxWhen they walk in, however, they realize they can’t see the desk, the bed, or anything else.  Why?  The entire room is covered in pizza boxes!  OK, it’s often not that bad, but the traditional image of a college dorm room or bachelor pad full of pizza boxes is sometimes not that far from the truth.

There’s more than just the cleanliness to be concerned with.  Pizza boxes are one of the worst products in existence from a recycling standpoint.  They take up so much space it can be difficult to fit them in recycling containers, and there’s really no way to fold them up.  Even in the garbage, they are still unwieldy and take up a lot of space.  Plus, there’s the mess factor—many have so much caked on cheese and oil that they may not be able to be recycled.

Fortunately, the Environmentally Conscious Organization, Inc. may have an answer for us.  They have created what they call Green Boxes, pizza boxes that are made from completely recycled materials and are designed in such a way as to make them take up much less room.  The Green Boxes are perforated in several places that allow pizza lovers to actually remove the lid and break it into several pieces.  These pieces can then be used as plates, saving on dishes or paper plate usage.

Another perforation on the bottom of the box actually allows it to fold in half, creating a smaller left-over box that takes up a lot less room in the refrigerator.  The top of the new box securely closes, so there’s no need to use aluminum foil to keep the pizza fresh.  Just stick it in the refrigerator.

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