Many companies have started what they call e-cycling, or ecologically friendly recycling of items that really can’t be thrown into your local garbage, such as computer monitors.  recycling-monitorsSome e-cycling companies hold large events every few months in which they collect things that cannot be recycled by local city recycling, and for the most part, these companies do a great job at taking these items away and actually recycling them.  These companies deserve a lot of praise for their work.

The EarthECycle company, however, doesn’t.  They recently had two e-cycling events in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The owner of EarthECycle went on record as saying that all the materials collected at these events would be recycling at a local facility.  The company also promised the local human society that they would donate $10,000 for every 100,000 pounds of recyclable materials they collected.

However, despite what EarthECycle officials said, the Basel Action Network, an environmental watch group, discovered something very interesting.  BAN members followed the EarthECycle trucks to warehouses, and later that day, they witnessed the waste being loaded into shipping containers.  Six of these containers where then transported via ship to Hong Kong, while another was shipped to South Africa.  These containers and the waste they held were set to be delivered to landfills.

However, BAN’s quick action has led to five of the Hong Kong containers and the South Africa container being returned to the US.  However, EarthECycle isn’t the only company that collects materials and then ships them off to other countries for disposal.  This doesn’t just happen in the United States, either—these types of scams occur all around the world.  To make certain it doesn’t happen to you, your city, or any group you’re a part of, be certain to check into the background of any recycling company you agree to work with.

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