No one likes taking out the garbage, especially when you realize just how much garbage you make.  Many of us do our best to recycle everything we can, but it still seems like the garbage adds up.  However, there are some interesting, unique types of trash cans that can help us control the garbage we make.

By putting a limit on how much garbage we produce, we can find different ways to reuse or recycle items.  That’s the idea behind the adjustable trash can marketed in Japan, anyway.  This trash can has an adjustable depth so it can be a full-sized trash can or a smaller one.  If kept at the smallest level, perhaps people would make less garbage?  So far, no studies have been done, but it does sound like an interesting concept.

Another interesting trash can is the sidewalk collector used in Germany.  This is one of thebig-belly-solar-powered-trash-can deepest trash cans around.  What’s interesting is that only the top of the trash can appears on the streets of Hamburg.  However, lurking under the ground is a huge, 400-liter trash can.  The concept here is that larger trash cans need emptying fewer times, thus saving the money associated with weekly garbage collection.

Finally, there’s the Big Belly solar powered trash can.  Now, why would a trash can need power?  Because the Big Belly actually compacts down the trash thrown in it.  This allows it to hold up to eight times as much garbage as a trash can the same size.  Of course, the downside here is that no oxygen can get into the compacted bundles of trash, which causes some issues with decomposition.  However, recyclables can also be compacted down, which can help save space in recycling plants.

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