Every time you get a hot cup of coffee or an espresso at Starbucks, you probably get a cardboard cup cozy to help keep you from burning your hand on the warm cup.  But how much cardboard does Starbucks go through in a day?  And how many people recycle these cozies?  Most end up in the trash.  However, several companies have started looking at ways to get rid of these cardboard cozies altogether.

silicone-coffee-coziesThe silicone Cup Cooley is sold by a number of different companies.  These silicone sleeves can be found in several different colors, and they cost about as much as one of those fancy coffees.  They insulate, are slip resistant, and will protect your hand from heat.  They also fold flat so you can store them in your jacket pocket or purse.

Of course, if you’d rather create a custom cozy, that’s certain an option, too.  One idea is to take a sock put your cup down in it.  Get one of the short ankle socks and roll down any extra at the top.  It’s cheap and easy!

You can also find a number of crocheted patterns for creating cup cozies as well.  What’s nice about these is that you can use the cozy as a wrist band as well.  There are also patterns for creating cozies out of several different items, including old neckties or the sleeves of an old shirt.  No matter what kind of coffee you love, these types of cozies can be easily customized and decorated in any way you like.

If you’re a big coffee drinker, think about purchasing or making one of your own cup cozies.  You’ll save a good amount of cardboard, especially if you purchase a coffee every morning before work.

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