If you have cats, you know how crazy they can get over things like paper sacks or cardboard boxes.  In fact, sometimes it seems like a cardboard box is a much better toy than the more expensive fuzzy mice and other cat treats.  caboodle-corrugated-cat-habitatHowever, you can’t really leave empty boxes scattered around your home for your cats to play in. You can always buy those plastic cat houses, but most of them are not exactly environmentally friendly.  However, now there is a way to satisfy both your desire to be green and your cat’s love of cardboard boxes.

The Caboodle is a three-level cat house that is made from forty percent post-consumer recycled cardboard.  But it’s more than just a few cardboard boxes stacked together.  Instead, it features cut out holes for your cat to go in and out of, contoured grooming edges for your feline friend to rub against, and punch-out passages between the floors.  You can leave these punch-out sections intact if your cat is older and likes to sleep a lot or open them up if you’ve got kittens who love to romp.

Just because it’s made of cardboard, don’t expect the Caboodle to fall apart.  The walls are made out of extra-sturdy material, and they’re double-walled so the whole thing won’t collapse.  The Caboodle can actually hold up to almost 50 pounds without falling down, so even the largest cats can enjoy it.  Of course, there’s one thing it can’t hold up against: water.

The Caboodle sells for $29.95, and each cat play house comes with three Tumblorz, a cat toy made out of manufacturing offcuts.  If you love your cats and the environment, it’s one of the few recycled cat condos on the market.

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