Do you love seeing birds in your birdbath?  Many people enjoy watching the birds splash around in the morning as they enjoy their coffee or breakfast. copper-solar-birdbath-fountain However, birdbaths do get dirty very easily, plus you do have to make certain that there is always water in the birdbath or it becomes something of a waste.  Cleaning and maintaining a birdbath often falls by the wayside, especially if you get busy.  However, the Copper Solar Birdbath Fountain takes care of the cleaning issues for you.

This fountain constantly cycles the water around by using a small, low-voltage filter and water pump.  This way, the birdbath stays clean, and the stagnant water won’t ever really start to smell like it sometimes does.  You do have to refill it from time to time, however, and this type of birdbath really needs to have distilled water used in it so that there’s no scale build-up

What powers the pump?  The Copper Solar Birdbath Fountain uses a number of high powered solar panels to keep the water flowing.  All you need to do is put the fountain in an area where it will get lots of sunlight.  No other energy or power source is required.  The birdbath itself is also made out of 50% recycled copper, adding another layer of environmentalism to this great product.  And for those who are afraid of messing something up, there’s absolutely no tools needed in assembling this fountain—it’s very easy to get it out of the box, set it up, and be enjoying the birds in no time.  Because of this, the Copper Solar Birdbath Fountain is a great gift for anyone with an amazing garden or anyone who loves watching the birds.

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