Batteries come in all shapes and sizes, but it seems no matter what shape or size, we eventually throw them away.  Sure, rechargeable batteries are great, but few people use them.  Plus, there are very few large sized rechargeable batteries.  large-l-16-wet-cell-solar-storage-battery1So what can you do?  Well, one thing you can do is purchase large capacity batteries, especially if you need a huge battery for a large electrical system or for an upgrade to one of those systems.

Wet cell batteries are a type of these large batteries.  One of their many uses, in fact, is as a battery for a solar powered system.  Wet cell battery storage allows you to store up a huge amount of power from your solar panel system and then use that power to run your home’s electrical system or to power a small vehicle like a golf cart.  One of the best wet cell batteries you’ll find is the L-16 Wet Cell Solar Storage Battery.  This large battery will store up 370 AH of energy, and it will last for at least seven years.

A wet cell battery is actually one of the earliest forms of batteries, and it really is “wet”—it uses a special liquid electrolyte instead of a pasty electrolyte like dry cell batteries use.  While wet cells are perfectly safe for use, they do have a few small disadvantages, like turning them upside down may result in leaking.

However, if you simply need a battery to store your solar power in, then a wet cell is perfectly useful.  These batteries can hold a great amount of power, enough to easily power your home during the night or on cloudy days.

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