Lately, electric scooters have become very popular.  You may have seen people zipping up and down the streets on these cool little devices.  Most of them are completely street legal in much of the world, and they can get you wherever you want to go. urbanmover-electric-scooter Of course, they can’t carry much in the way of cargo, and you might get wet if it rains, but you never have to stop at the gas pump and fill up one of these scooters.  They’re great for cities that seem to be lacking in public transportation or for those who simply want the freedom to go where they want while using a green method of transportation.

The UrbanMover Electric Scooter is just one in a large range of different emission-free scooters that many use to get around in large cities.  It features a 48v rechargeable battery that provides more than enough power to get you up and down any hills you might come across while still getting you across town to the gym or that important meeting.  It fully charges within five to eight hours, and it’s compliant with DOT and EU.  This means the UrbanMover is completely green, giving you the satisfaction of going gas-free and keeping the environment clean.

You may be shocked at the price of these electric scooters at first.  Yes, they are expensive.  However, if you sit down and do the math on how much gas you’ll save or figure out how much bus fare you won’t be paying, you’ll see that they actually pay for themselves rather quickly.  You won’t see a huge increase in your electricity bill—it certainly won’t equal the amount of money you’d spend in gas to power a car.

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