greenheart-phonesEveryone is jumping on the green cell phones bandwagon these days, and Sony Ericsson is no exception.  They’ve recently announced new versions of both of their GreenHeart cell phones.  However, while many applaud their work on going green, these new versions really don’t have much in the way of huge improvements.  The GreenHeart line certainly isn’t up to the standards set by Samsung’s Blue Earth, for example.

Sony Ericsson has released two different versions of the GreenHeart, but neither have really lived up to the hype, even before these new lackluster improvements were announced.  One of the biggest green benefits these phones have is that they don’t include printed manuals.  Instead, the manuals are installed as software on the phones.  This, in turn, allows the phones to be packaged in smaller boxes.  These packages also use recycled materials, and the phones themselves incorporate as much recycled plastics and other parts as possible.  The chargers are low-energy, but the phones themselves don’t do much to save power.  They use just as much energy as non-green phones.

In fact, the GreenHeart phones don’t really do much more to save the environment than new phones that aren’t advertised as green products do.  Online manuals and smaller packing are becoming the norm, so Sony Ericsson really needs to step up if they want to become a leader in the green phone industry.  While they’ve certainly moved in the right direction, they need to do a bit more to really become a true outstanding green cell phone manufacturer.

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