In today’s computer world, many people carry USB flash drives.  fully-recyclable-usb-flash-driveThese tiny little drives, some of which are so small that they can fit on key chains, can hold a huge amount of data—sometimes 32 gigabytes or more.  These little drives have replaced CDs and even DVDs as the media of choice for transporting data, although DVDs may still be needed for very large files.  However, for the most part, by not wasting CDs, USB flash drives have helped make the computer world greener.

But now you can go even greener with this fully recyclable USB flash drive.  It’s a 2 GB 2.0 flash drive that is made out of 100% recycled polylactic acid plastic.  It also features a special type of shield around the actual memory that keeps this little drive water-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof.  This means you can put it through just about any type of abuse you can think of and it will come out working just fine.  It also features a password protection system that will keep all of your files secure.  In addition to being better for the environment than wasting CDs, every purchase of a recycled USB flash drive results in a donation made to help replant forests.

These great recyclable USB flash drives will make a good gift for the holidays, birthdays, or for those who are starting a new office job.  In addition to buying a gift that you know will be usable, you’ll also be contributing to a reforestation project and helping eliminate the waste of CDs.  What more could you want?

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