Wind & offers green web solutions

Think Host is a leader in eco-friendly web hosting. They believe business excellence can be combined with care for the planet. They use little in the way of paper, as their data is stored electronically. This business is 100% sun and wind powered!

They offer discounted web hosting or free hosting for community groups, non-profit community-based organizations and progressive companies that focus on peace, environment or social justice.

Think Host is housed on high-performance Unix-based servers, in secure world-class data centers, with UPS backup power, backup generators, and N+1 redundant HVAC systems to ensure the safety of your business. Their server's up time is 100%, guaranteed.

Think Host team members "telecommute", saving thousands of gallons of fuel annually. Their team members are involved in human rights/refugee advocacy, peace initiatives, drug and alcohol counseling, environmental rehabilitation and sponsorship of families in third world countries.

And for every new client Think Host gets they plant a new tree!

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