Current Dell Latitude laptops consume up to 70% less energy on average than the previous generation OptiPlex GX6201.The energy saved results in a reduction of pollution to the environment. In addition, every 1000 units of Latitude laptops installed instead of the Opti GX620 helps reduce CO2 omission by approximately 1 million lbs2. Dell Latitude laptops are designed with the environment in mind.

• Dell Latitude laptops meet or exceed the worldwide mutually recognized Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Energy Star standard. Dell has taken the extra step of reducing the amount of time before entering low-power mode to help save more energy, from the 30 minutes required by EPA for Energy Star compliance, to 15 minutes.

• Dell Latitude laptops’ external power supplies are designed to meet the new Energy Star program requirements.

• Dell Latitude Quickset software has an easy-to-use Power Management wizard, assisting user to control and optimize laptop's power usage. The user can control settings that reduce power to system components or to the computer itself when not in use.

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