EcoMug = An economical solution for the disposable cup issue at the office + you add creative touch, logo, name, tag, or brand!

Make It Any Way You Want - Make YourSelf and Other's Smile :)

EcoMug is based out of California. They personalize ceramic 15 oz mugs and 20 oz EcoBottle's using organic water-soluble inks. Water bottles are clean-tasting and made from a ZERO BPA, non-leaching polypropylene, known as pp#5. These products are reusable, and 100% recyclable.

***Eco Mug special promotion ***
Order one mug today with your name and logo and get a FREE ECOMUG with your co/workers name. (Includes full color logo and personalization, no minimum, and no set up charge.)


The Pacific Garbage Patch, is a garbage stew twice the size of Texas floating off the coast of California

Green personal name branding on coffee cups

Green personal "name" branding on coffee cups

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