No one knows the importance of stretching and strength building like athletes.  If they fail to stretch properly or don’t have the muscle power necessary, they can seriously injure themselves.  rodney-yee-yogaIn fact, they may even hurt themselves to the point that they can no longer participate in their chosen sport!  While many athletes think this means they need to hit the gym constantly and pump iron, that’s actually not the only way for them to build up great muscle strength and flexibility.

Instead, yoga provides a great way for athletes to prepare for their games.  The Rodney Yee Yoga DVD video series provides a great number of exercises that focus on building muscles, burning fat, and becoming incredibly flexible.  These DVDs follow Rodney Yee as he walks viewers through each of the various exercises.  He explains each and every pose and step, and he makes certain all of his instructions are clear and concise.

If you’ve never done yoga, Rodney Yee has a nice beginner’s video that any athlete can use to start their new training regime.  He follows this up with an intermediate and then an advanced video.  In addition to these DVDs, which are great for anyone, Yee also has a specific DVD that focuses on yoga conditioning for athletes.  It features 60 minutes of various yoga moves that will build up your endurance, help strengthen those key muscle groups that many sports use, and even improve your focus.  You can do all of these exercises from your own home so you don’t have to deal with paying for a gym membership.

For athletes who want to focus only on strength building yoga exercises, Rodney Yee has created a Power Yoga DVD that focuses only on these yoga positions.  There’s also a Yoga Burn DVD that helps you build lean, strong muscles while burning away any fat.

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