Many people don’t realize it, but it actually takes almost ten times the fuel to produce a calorie of protein made from beef than it does to create a protein made from grain.  tofuThis is a huge amount of fuel, yet most people have no idea just how much greener grain protein is.  If you’re looking to help cut down on emissions produced by the food you eat, here are eight different foods that are high in protein but low on emissions.

Beans – beans actually return nitrogen to the ground they are grown in, allowing farmers to stop using fertilizer and other harmful chemicals as well as providing protein.

Soy – as a meat substitute goes, soy has been around for quite some time.  It is, however, a source of complete proteins.  That means it has all the essential amino acids the body needs to function.

Herring – this fish, popular in Northern Europe, is a good source of protein for those who love the taste.

Novel Protein Foods – these foods look like meat but are not.  However, they do contain a great amount of protein.  Many are actually produced in a lab and look just like regular meats.

Hemp Protein – another plant-based protein, hemp also contains all the necessary amino acids.  It can be found in powder form and used to create protein shakes and other foods.

Nuts – while nuts usually only contain about ten percent protein, they do also contain healthy fats that can be a good addition to your diet.

Chicken – it’s almost impossible to cut out animal protein from our diets, and chicken is one of the lower emission animal products out there.  It’s also very healthy for us.

Spinach – few people think that spinach would be a good source of protein.  While it’s not that great a source (no green vegetable is), it is the best as far as leafy green vegetables go.

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  • Laura Fox

    Aloha, I appreciate your article on low emissions protein. For those interested in options for protein ‘other than’ animals like chicken, I suggest googling ‘raw foods’ ‘raw food’ and raw vegan protein. Chickens are not only treated horribly cruelly but also not everyone considers them to be healthy for us. Many who eat meat don’t really like it and don’t realize there are options. It’s good for us all to come to our own conclusions. My opinion :: for a truly healthy planet and truly healthy people, enslaving, killing and eating animals en masse with horrifying practices should be ended. There are MANY alternatives. Do the research!

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