Want to drop a few pounds, save some money, and help save the environment while you’re doing it?  It’s completely possible!  Here are a four different ways you can save on money and help the environment at the same time.groceries

First, control portions by using smaller plates (and never, of course, use paper plates).  Eating smaller portions does two things: it helps you lose weight and it means you have no left over food (i.e., no wasted food).  By using smaller plates, your portions actually look bigger, so it appears that you are eating more.  Since you’re not wasting food, you’re saving some money as well.

Second, while eating out is expensive, it is nice to treat yourself sometimes.  If you do eat out, you often don’t have any choice in the portion.  However, if you know you won’t be able to eat the entire meal, split it into two and ask for a take-home box.  Even if the take-home portion isn’t large enough for a meal itself, you can easily fix a small side dish and make it into lunch or dinner for the next day.

Third, stay away from the grocery store until you absolutely need to go shopping.  Some people head out to the store whenever they’re out of one item, but this often leads to several cans of food being ignored in the cupboard until they go bad.  Force yourself to eat up all of your perishable foods before purchasing new groceries.  If you’re not certain what you can make with what’s on hand, search the internet for new and interesting recipes.

Fourth, avoid spending the money on prepared foods.  You can often buy a block of cheese for much less than a bag of grated cheese, for example.  Sometimes, prepared foods include preservatives and other artificial ingredients, plus cut up foods go bad more quickly.  Save some money and do a little kitchen work yourself.

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