Many people make use of the special Chinese pair of balls to exercise their hand and fingers.  Called baoding balls, these two metal balls are said to work like a shiatsu massage or like hand acupuncture, and they have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine.  roll-chargerAccording to experts, baoding balls stimulate several acupuncture spots on the fingers and the hand that are connected to the lungs, heart, spleen, kidneys, and other organs.  Whether they are helpful in increasing your health or even fighting off things like carpal tunnel has long been debated, and no one really has an answer.

However, whether you believe they work or not, you may be interested in the baoding balls created by Jiang Qian.  Called the Roll Charger, this set of special baoding balls opens up to reveal two intersecting slots: one for an AA battery and one for an AAA battery.  Put a rechargeable battery of either size in each ball and start twirling them around and around in your hand.  The kinetic energy created by moving the balls around is transferred to the batteries, charging them up.

Once your batteries are completely charged, you’ll see a special LED light blink to tell you that you can remove the batteries.  Of course, you can still use the balls for exercise, although they may not weigh quite as much when empty.  What’s great is that these kinds of devices have started appearing everywhere.  After all, movement does create what is essentially free energy.  Your movements make kinetic energy that is not being harnessed in any way, but as devices like the Roll Charger become more and more available, that will all change.

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