Do you love neat little gadgets or know someone who does?  solar-powered-robotThere are many cool little toys out there that you can buy for these people, but one of the neatest ones is the Solar Powered Robot.  What’s even better about this neat little toy is that you actually have to build it yourself, so it’s like two different toys in one.  It’s easy enough to build, although younger children may need some adult supervision.  Once it’s together, you’ll have a lot of fun playing with the completed robot.

The kit includes everything you need to put together the robot.  It includes metal feet, a motor, gears, and a solar panel that supplies all of the power the robot needs to walk around.  Once you’re done putting him together, you can take this fun little robot outside, let him soak up some sun, and then watch him run around.  Your kids can even bring some of their other toys outside to add more excitement to the robot.

The Solar Powered Robot is a fun activity for parents and children to do together.  While teens and older kids may want to build the robot themselves, younger children will need a bit of help.  This can turn the robot kit into a great bonding experience.  It can give you something to do on a rainy weekend, plus it can get you and your child outdoors once the robot is complete.

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