It seems like there’s always some occasion we need a gift for.  giftsIf it’s not Christmas or a birthday, it’s Mother’s Day, graduation, a wedding, Valentine’s Day, a get well gift, a housewarming…the list of occasions seems to go on and on.  While all of these gifts will, obviously, do some damage to our bank accounts, they can also cause some damage to the environment if we don’t carefully examine the gifts we buy.

There are many different gifts out there that are environmentally friendly, however.  The most obvious is to buy someone a plant, and that’s a very appropriate gift for many occasions (housewarmings, get well gifts, Valentine’s Day).  However, you can only purchase someone so many ferns and violets before they start to wonder about you.  There are many other gifts that you can purchase that are green.  Here are just a few of them.

Buy someone a gift certificate to a spa.  Most spas are environmentally friendly, and they’re very relaxing.

Concert tickets or a pass to an art museum or history museum create very little waste.

For those who love to talk on the phone, the solar powered Bluetooth cell phone speaker from Scosche takes no batteries and works in the car so the driver isn’t distracted by trying to hold their phone and talk at the same time.

For the crafty types, take used paper and turn it into origami.  Make a string of a thousand cranes as a wedding gift (it’s considered good luck in Asia) or create some crafty puppets and other toys for kids.  As a bonus, this type of gift requires your time and creativity but not a lot of cash.

Finally, many places are now selling tumblers and other glassware made from reclaimed and recycled glass.  These tumblers are great for housewarming gifts.

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