Do you love having a great garden or flowerbed in your backyard?  Some people have massive, beautiful gardens that include brightly colored flowers and gorgeous plants.  However, to really get the most out of your flowerbed, you need your flowers to get pollinated.  Bees are a great method for this, but how can you attract bees to your backyard?  Easy—set up a bee condo.

bee-condoThe bee condo is a very inviting place to the orchard mason bees.  These bees can be found just about anywhere in the United States, and they will help pollinate just about all types of flowers and other plants.  Now, if you’re scared of being stung by bees, you may be thinking that a bee condo is the last thing you want around your home.  However, the good news is that the orchard mason bees are non-stinging.  In fact, they are very gentle insects and won’t cause you any harm at all.

The bee condo is made from recycled wood, specifically reclaimed fir, so it’s very ecologically friendly.  On the off chance you don’t have any orchard mason bees in your area, the bee condo also comes with information on ordering bees (yes, you can actually order them).  It also tells you how to attract bees to the condo and gives you information about various companies that can help you order your bees.

Having a great garden is possible without bees, of course, but having a number of orchard mason bees in your garden to help pollinate flowers is an easy way of boosting your garden’s appearance.  It makes it easier for your flowers to grow and reproduce, and that means less work for you as a gardener.

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