The next time you hear your cell phone signal that you have a text message, it may not be from your significant other, your kids, or your friends.  leaf-sensorInstead, it may be from your plants.  What exactly do your plants have to say?  Well, they may be texting you to let you know that they need water.

Generally, plants aren’t capable of telling us when they need more water, but with a new type of sensor designed by AgriHouse, that may all change.  These tiny little sensors clip on to the leaves of the plant.  They’re very small and thin—in fact, the latest sensors are smaller than a standard postage stamp, and they don’t damage the leaves at all.  Once they’re clipped on the plant, the sensors are capable of monitoring how much water the plant is receiving and whether or not it needs more.

Anyone who lives in an area that gets plenty of rain on a regular basis may find that they don’t need this kind of close monitoring.  However, for those trying to grow crops in areas with little rainfall, or those who tend to forget to water their plants, these little sensors could mean the difference between thriving plants and dead ones.  Farmers who rely on using water from aquifers will also find that the sensors are very useful.  By knowing when to water their crops, they can save a lot of money since they won’t be over watering.  This conservation of water and energy can greatly affect some areas, giving farmers more money to spend on other ventures.

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