If you use rolling chairs on any carpeted area, you know how impossible it is to make them move easily.  bamboo-office-roll-up-matSure, you can put down one of those hard plastic mats, but those often look horrible, and they can flatten down your carpet and may even cause damage to it.  Plus, these plastic mats obviously take a lot of plastic and energy to make, making them not very ecological.  But fortunately, there is a solution: the bamboo office roll-up mat.

This amazing bamboo mat looks great.  It’s done in a dark cherry finish that will make your office look very nice.  The finish looks nice on just about any carpeted surface, especially if you have dark cherry furniture in your office.  The bottom of the mat is covered in thick felt to protect the carpet or hardwood floor underneath it.  If you’re moving or decide you don’t need to use the bamboo mat, it easily rolls up for storage or transport.

Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet, and that’s what makes the bamboo office roll-up mat incredibly ecological.  If you’re looking for a way to get rid of those ugly plastic mats while avoiding something that’s going to harm the environment, then one of these mats is perfect.  It also makes a great gift, especially for someone who has just moved into a new house.

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