I’m always interested in seeing new ways of cooking or containing food.  One of the most interesting types of food products, in my opinion, is the lunch box.  Think about all the different ways people have tried to transport food in the past.  First there was the paper bag.  togo-food-tinThen there was the metal lunch box.  Neither really did much to keep hot food hot or cold food cold.  The insulated bag came next, but it wasn’t that effective, either.  Small coolers with ice packs did a good job at keeping food cold, but they’re bulking and you have to refreeze the ice pack every four hours or so to keep it really cold.

Well, it may not be a solution to keeping food hot or cold, but the To-Go Ware Food Tin is certainly a different looking lunch box.  In fact, it’s more of a lunch pail.  This stainless steel food container is perfect for taking leftovers anywhere you go.  You can use it to cart your lunch up to your office, or you can use it to take food with you on a picnic or to a campsite.  You can even use it to transport food to a potluck dinner party or take a dessert over to a friend’s home.

One of the biggest benefits the To-Go Ware tin has is that your food will never come in contact with any type of plastic.  Plastic bags like those used by restaurants for take out can actually contain toxins and other parasites—these bags aren’t cleaned, after all.  Even the boxes and other containers (many of which are horrible for the environment) may come with hundreds of germs on them.  This metal container, however, will greatly reduce the number of toxins and germs your food comes in contact with.  It’s also a lot lighter than glass containers and pans.

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