Tired of seeing pilling occur on your favorite sweater?sweater-stone Pilling is when those little fuzzy balls or pieces of fluff appear on knit sweaters and other clothing.  It’s caused by frequent wear and use, and it quickly leads to your clothing and blankets looking dull and worn.  One way to avoid this is to hand-wash all of your knit items, but that takes a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of knit items.  Instead, one way of dealing with pills is to use a Sweater Stone.

Using the sweater stone is easier than hand-washing knit items, although it does involve rubbing the stone over the entire surface of the knit item.  As you do so, you’ll see all of the little pills and bits of fluff vanish.  Once you’re done, you’ll see your sweater or blanket looks as good as new.  In addition to sweaters and blankets, the Sweater Stone will work on hats, furniture, and fleece.  After just one brushing, you’ll see your items look better, last longer, and won’t need to be replaced any time soon.

Using a Sweater Stone is a great way of keeping your knits and other fabrics in great shape.  It can help save your favorite sweater from looking its age, plus it makes a great gift for anyone with a lot of knit or fleece clothing.

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