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The solar grid-tie photovoltaic power systems are designed for use on residential and small commercial buildings. The do-it-yourself kits consist of high quality solar panels, inverters, array wiring, DC/AC Disconnects, UniRac mounting structures to secure the solar panels to the roof, electrical drawing, datasheets, warranties and instructions. Wiring from the array to the DC disconnects, array ground wiring and wiring from the AC disconnect to the main panel and conduit must be supplied by professional installers or a local electrical supply store. These solar panel systems can be combined to form larger systems.

Evergreen Solar Spruce Lineā„¢ features high power, state-of-the-art solar panels designed specifically for residential or commercial applications.

These solar panels offer the end-user superior performance and complete peace of mind while providing the utmost in installation flexibility. Key benefits of the Spruce Line solar panels include:

*Best-in-class performance ratings proven by field installations
*98% of rated power guaranteed
*5 year workmanship and 25 year power warranty
*Smallest carbon foot-print leading the fight against global warming
*Quickest energy payback time for maximum energy conservation

Products from the Go Green Solar Evergreen Line below:

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