Are you looking for a really interesting gift for the person who seems to have everything?  Finding that perfect little gift can be difficult, especially if the person is hard to buy for.  perpetual-movement-globeOne really cool item that’s also completely green that many people don’t have is the Perpetual Movement Globe.  One of these neat little devices is sure to draw attention to itself no matter where you place it—on your bookshelf, on your desk at work, or on your coffee table at home.

The Perpetual Movement Globe is always spinning on its crystal base.  How?  It uses sunlight or light from the room’s bulbs to power its magnetic field.  These magnets in turn rotate the detailed little globe (it’s four and a half inches in diameter).  The earth itself is actually inside a clear bubble, and it’s the earth that moves.  Safe, clear liquid suspended between the bubble and the globe magnifies the globe, making it look like it’s on the surface.  It really looks like the globe is simply sitting on this crystal display and rotating magically!  You can even set the globe on a different display if you like—it works exactly the same.  There are no batteries or power cords necessary.  Everything is powered by solar energy.

The Perpetual Movement Globe is sure to get comments from your friends and co-workers, and it’s a fun little toy that doesn’t use up any power.  Too often, these neat little gadgets eat up batteries, but this is one distracting desktop toy that’s completely ecological.  Next time you need a cool gift for that person who is hard to buy for, buy them the earth.

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