Buying organic and natural products is all the rage these days, but sometimes I stop and wonder why.  For example, why purchase organic cotton towels?  Are they really that much better than standard, boring towels?  I did a little research and found out that yes, there are some reasons that buying organic cotton towels is a good idea.

organic-cotton-towelsOrganic cotton towels are made without any dye, bleach, or other types of chemicals.  This makes them perfect for those who have allergies to these types of products.  Dermatologists often tell their patents with sever skin issues and allergies to switch to organic cotton towels since they will cause less irritation to their skin, especially if their skin illness is due to chemical allergies.

Organic cotton also tends to be thicker than conventional towels, making them feel more luxurious and decadent.  They absorb a great amount of water, too, although it make take a few washes for this to happen—since the oils are not removed from organic cotton towels, they don’t always immediately absorb a great amount of water.  However, after a few washings, the oils will be washed off and the towels will be as absorbent as any other.

While they don’t feature any chemical dyes, some organic cotton towels are dyed various colors using natural dyes.  This means organic cotton towels come in just as many different shades as traditional towels, so you’re sure to find some that match your bathroom décor.  If you’re looking for a way to go green in your bathroom or need a towel that won’t irritate your skin or allergies, organic cotton is the way to go.  You can learn more about organic cotton towels at Real Goods Solar.

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