Tired of camping out and being attacked by mosquitoes all night?  Are you planning on visiting an exotic location and want to protect yourself from the insects?  mosquito-nettingIf you do, then this mosquito netting may be exactly what you need.  It easily hangs from one small rope, but once you’ve got it attached to a tree or other structure, you’ve got a good sized area covered from the bugs.  In fact, the mosquito netting can be expanded to cover one standard sized bed, giving you a safe and comfortable place to sleep at night no matter where you are.

The mosquito netting is made up of 100% knitted polyester, and it features a spring loaded plastic frame that folds down and fits in the convenient carrying bag when not in use.  This bag can easily fit inside your luggage or under the bed for storage when you don’t need the netting.  If you’re going to be camping out without a tent or if you’re staying in any area full of insects, you’ll really appreciate the protection the netting gives you.

Of course, there’s another use for mosquito netting: you can actually use it to create a canopy over your own bed at home.  This netting looks so elegant that it can be used for decorative purposes.  While that might sound kind of odd, you never know until you’ve hung the netting and arranged it around your bed.  It can also be used to make a nice play area for children outdoors.  No matter what you use it for, don’t let yourself get eating up by mosquitoes and other insects.  Set up this quick and easy mosquito netting and get the good night’s sleep you need.

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