One of the original pioneers, and darlings of the eco-set for their all-weather gear and environmental activisim, Patagonia took a major step forward in accountability this year with the launch of the Footprint Chronicles. This website informs users of the eco-impacts—good and bad—of many of Patagonia’s products. The Eco Rain Shell Jacket, for example, uses 100 percent recycled polyester components, but it also has a water-repellent finish made of perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, “a synthetic chemical that is now persistent in the environment.”.

The Footprint Chronicles allows you to track the environmental impact of this coat from design through delivery as well as nine other garments. In addition the site offers a summary of the good and bad points involved in the production and delivery of each garment. Below is a video segment offered as part of the Eco Rain Shell Jacket's evolution on the Footprint Chronicles.

The Eco Rain Shell Jacket is styled for Men & Women
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Womens Mens
Patagonia Eco Rain Shell Jacket (Women's) - Black
Patagonia Eco Rain Shell Jacket (Men's) - Black

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