LA based fashionista Deborah Lindquist has been a leading force in green fashion since she began designing in 1983. Straight out of Parsons School of Design, and way before the green fashion movement caught any steam, Lindquist's first design was a belt crafted from recycled leather. Her next foray took her into creating bustiers crafted from vintage coats. These short sholdered cleavage boosting numbers enjoyed quite a bit of success in the 90s and have been brought back into the spotlight by pop sensation The Pussycat Dolls.

Fast forward to today and she has taken her passion for recycling vintage materials to a whole new level, servicing celebrity A-listers such as Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton and more. Her line includes cashmere sweaters made from recycled material, cutting edge scarves, eighties style fingerless gloves as well as an entire collection of green wedding dresses.

Her designs have definitely taken a que from the west coast lifestyle, giving birth to such signature styles as sleeveless cashmere sweaters and embroidered Skull and Bones cardigens. The new collection relies heavily on the use of recycled wool, leather, cashmere and lace. She is also working with new materials such as organic cotton, hemp, silk and soy chiffon. Lindquist readily acknowledges that no approach is 100% green and that many of these new fabrics have their downsides. As an example, Soy fabric which is created from tofu waste is often genetically modified and grown with the use of herbicides and pesticides.

The current collection also makes use of “peace silks”. While traditional silk is created by boiling cocoons inhabited with live moths, peace silks allowing the moths to emerge from their cocoons before harnessing the fiber. Animal fibers are used in the collection but only when the sources come from animals that are well treated and unharmed. These include the removal of goats hair for cashmere and the shearing of sheep for wool.

Recently Lindquist was selected as one of three U.S. designers to be part of the Ethical Fashion Show. For more information on the collection visit

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    I think it is great that A-list celebrities are starting to catch on to the green lifestyle. They are role models so lets hope in the near future everyone will be on the band wagon.

  • fashion

    whoa, these are spectacular

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