Nimli is an online retailer devoted to providing natural, organic and sustainable lifestyle products, while exemplifying style and aesthetics. Nimli offers clothing, jewelry, accessories, home décor, beauty products and much more.

Nimli has joined with a number of independent designers who combine creativity with eco-conscious ethics. Nimli's ecologically friendly products are recycled, sweatshop-free, cruelty-free, and fit a green-conscious way of life that unifies the mind, body and soul.

Nimli was founded in New York City in 2003 by entrepreneur Rajat Arora. An early advocate of lifestyles that are organic, vegetarian and do not inflict consumer damage on the planet, Rajat created Nimli with the vision of making green products widely available to those who seek to nourish and preserve the Earth.

Nimli’s model of a green philosophy entails offering environmentally friendly products that their designers ship directly to the customer. This policy results in a much lower carbon footprint by eliminating the unnecessary step of shipping items to a central warehouse that would then be shipped again. In order to further embrace this outlook, Nimli is on its way to becoming completely carbon neutral by purchasing Green Tags to offset the carbon footprint caused by shipping, energy consumption and other business activities.

They embody a renewable way of life by firmly supporting and disseminating products that prevent suffering to the environment. Such an ecological consciousness involves both avoiding and preventing harm to animals, as well as ending the depletion and waste of those very natural resources that define life on our planet.

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