Many people look to all natural clothing as a way of avoiding chemical dyes and other artificial fibers and materials.  activesoy-track-pantThese clothing are made out of all natural materials and contain nothing artificial or chemical.  Some stores sell these natural clothing for incredible prices, but they don’t have to be expensive.  In fact, many natural clothes cost no more than other clothing made with artificial materials.

ActiveSoy Track Pants are one of these interesting, all natural pieces of clothing.  They are lightweight and breathe very well.  Many people find the idea of soy pants to be very odd, but the fluid leftover from creating tofu, soymilk, and soybean oils can be spun into various yarns.  These yarns can then be blended with cotton to create strong yet comfortable fibers.  None of the fibers used in these pants contain any petrochemicals.  Soy activewear is soft, strong, and comfortable, and you’re sure to find these track pants feel good and give you the flexibility to participate in a number of activities.

One nice feature of the ActiveSoy Track Pants is that they feature zippered leg insets.  These insets, when unzipped, allow you to pull them on over any workout shoes.  You can then wear them over your shorts or tights.  This makes it easy for you to quickly get changed for exercising.  The ActiveSoy Track Pants come in gray with black inset or black with an ecru inset.

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