The Heart of Green Awards are awards that are given out to some of the top eco-friendly organizations, companies, and people in the world.  heart-of-green-logoThese awards are given out by The Daily Green, a website that prides itself on being the consumer’s guide to going green.  They’re one of the most trusted websites for information and news about green products, methods, and just about everything environmentally friendly.  Because of this, they’re recognized as a site that can truly select the best green companies and people out there.  This year’s awards were given out by star (and Heart of Green winner) Maria Menounos at the Hearst tower in New York City.

So who won a Heart of Green award this year?  Well, the website Planet Green picked up the Influencer Award for its educational television programming.  Actress Alicia Silverstone was honored with the Green Gourmet award for her advocation of the Vegan lifestyle.  The author of the Green This! series, Deidre Imus, picked up an award, as did fashion expert Summer Rayne Oakes.  In the food production categories, Kitchen Gardens International founder Roger Doiron was honored.  The President of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Frances Beinecke, was also named a Heart of Green winner.

A few other categories were determined by the Daily Green’s readers.  They were given the chance to nominate people from their own communities for the Heart of Green Local Hero Award.  This is a very special award since it goes to those who are making a difference at the local level.  Ohio teacher Greg Perry was named this local hero by introducing his Beachwood High School students to environmentalism.  His students created the ultimate green classroom and held an environmental expo.  eBay, one of the sponsors of the awards, was given the chance to select the winner of the Green Team Community, and they chose Jennifer Canty.  She is the owner of Dyscern, a company that reformats and resells electronic equipment instead of letting it go to waste.

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