The weekend of April 18 and 19 will see thousands of environmentalists and other green-friendly people head to Tokyo, Japan for the kick off festivities of Earth Day. earth-day The events will be held in the Harajuku and Shibuya districts of the city, and officials expect to see over 130,000 people in attendance.

The festival committee has spent many months working on the festival, which is the ninth annual Earth Day festival to be held in Japan. While it is less than a decade old, many are already calling it the world’s largest Earth Day event. Unlike some other events, the Japanese have focused on getting the younger generations involved and are not as focused on commercialism, although the event does have a number of corporate sponsors, including Patagonia, Tower Records, and Sony. Other groups, including Intel and the World Wildlife Federation, will be in attendance.

This year’s theme is “Go Ethical,” and to help spread this message, the festival food venders will be serving nothing but organic foods. Many local restaurants that specialize in growing food for local consumption will have mobile kitchens set up. The festival will also feature a Dish Reuse System that insures that there is zero garbage created from the event. This is huge since events like this often create hundreds if not thousands of tons of waste. In addition to organic food, many other eco-friendly farm products will be available for purchase.

If you live near Tokyo or want to jet over for the weekend, you’re in for a great time. The festival is full of live music, great food, and educational events.

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