I always enjoy finding ways to save money or resources, and the Great American Rain Barrel is one of the many green tools out there than can help you do both.  Watering your garden during a drought is one of the things that takes up the most water.  great-american-rain-barrelEven worse, during these hot, dry months, much of the water evaporates quickly, even if you water during the evening.  However, with the Great American Rain Barrel, you can actually store up water from downpours.  This allows you to then later use this water during the long, hot days to water your flowers without running up your water bill.

The Great American Rain Barrel is a heavy duty, thick barrel that is made from recycled polyethylene.  It features a galvanized steel diverter that you can fit on any downspout.  This diverts all of the water right into your rain barrel.  When the barrel gets full, all you have to do is flip the switch on the diverter to the closed position and the downspout will run your rainwater out on the ground like it normally does.  If you want to store up even more water, you can purchase multiple barrels and link them all together via a standard garden hose.

All you have to do to use your stored water is attach a garden hose to the spigot.  The pressure comes from water flowing out of the barrel.  If you need more pressure, just raise the barrel off the ground by placing it on flat pavers or concrete blocks.  This will increase pressure, although you do need to be careful to make certain the blocks or pavers are very flat so that your barrel will set level.

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  • JeanK

    Hello Anthony,
    I’m 70 and I love saving money, like you! In today’s world it is a necessity of life. And, what better way to start saving more money than with rainwater harvesting? I’ve been doing this most of my life, as did my mother and grandmother (with her wooden barrels).
    A word for the Wiser! Keep your rain gutters clean. Granny always said, “The water going into your barrel is only as clean as it comes from your gutters.” She, of course, always said this when it was time for me to clean her gutters, lol.
    Seriously, do keep those gutters squeaky clean. It will save your lots of money in home repairs, if they clog and cause rainwater to overflow and creep up the roof line, damaging the tiles (roofing material) or the fascia, while pouring over the edges to beat up the lawn, flowers, bushes, sidewalks, etc. More money to replace these, as well. Clean gutters save you more money as the rainwater flows freeing into the barrels so you can conserve on potable water, saving more money.
    I invite you and your friends to come and visit me at http://www.GutterClutterBuster.com and see how you can save even more time and money by using a newly invented gutter cleaning tool that allows you to vacuum debris out of your gutters while you stay safely on the ground. Save even more money when you use the leaves in your compost pile or for mulch around your plants. (I’m the Granny in the pink sweater, in the video.)
    So, Stay Safe, Stay Well and “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled!” And, use those rain barrels!

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