Solar-powered calculators have been around for years, but what good are they in a dark room, a shady park, or any area in which there’s not a good amount of light?  OK, so few people try to solve math problems in the dark.  water-powered-calculatorHowever, the truth is that solar-powered calculators always seemed a bit flakey.  The display wasn’t quite as easy to read as a battery-powered calculator, and sometimes the solar ones didn’t seem to work right.

Well, now there’s an interesting new solution: the water-powered calculator.  It truly runs off of nothing but water—no batteries and no sunlight needed.  The calculator uses innovative new technology that makes use of the energy found in water molecules to provide power to the calculator.  All you have to do is remove the reservoir tubes, fill them up with plain, standard tap water, and you’ll have two months’ worth of power.

The water-powered calculator is completely pollution-free and drains no resources or creates any waste.  What’s even better, the calculator can also double as an LCD clock.  While there’s no alarm function on it, you can use this function to time yourself on math tests or as a way of keeping track of your study time.  The calculator features all of the standard, basic functions that all calculators do, including memory functions, percent, square root, and more.  If you know a math nerd who needs a fun, new toy to play with, the water-powered calculator will make a great gift.  Of course, it’s also very useful for those who use a calculator so much that they often have to purchase new batteries.

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