Drying your clothing, towels, and other items on a clothesline is a great way of saving energy.  wall-shelf-drying-rackHowever, there are some days when it’s just impossible to use an outdoor clothesline, such as during bad weather or in areas that are located too far north.  You can try hanging clothing indoors, but stringing an indoor clothesline can get in the way.

To make indoor drying easier, you may want to install a Wall Shelf Drying Rack.  This wooden rack can be installed on any wall in just a few minutes.  It’s very easy to hang, and just about anyone can do it.  Once you’ve got the drying rack installed, all you have to do is pull out the drying rack and place your clothing on it.  When you’re done, you simply push the rack back into the shelf.  Convenient pegs on the bottom of the shelf give you places to hang longer and heavier clothing, while the shelf on top gives you a place to store laundry soap or to dry things like herbs and flowers.

You can install the Wall Shelf Drying Rack in your laundry room to make it very easy to move clothing from the washer to the drying rack, or you can put it in a sunny location to help the clothing dry faster.  If you routinely wash a lot of clothing at once, you can even get two or three of these drying racks and hang them side by side to create a large drying area.

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