Do you hate being cold all the time?  vortex-digital-heater-with-remoteOne of the best ways to conserve resources and money is to keep the heater set at a lower temperature during the winter.  Just by lowering your thermostat by a few degrees, you can dramatically lower the amount of resources you use.  However, this also can make your home feel dramatically colder, especially if you have drafts that come in under your doors or around your windows.  One of the best ways to keep your energy costs down, help the environment, and battle the cold is to only heat the room you’re actually in.  This can easily be done with a Vortex Digital Heater with Remote.

The Vortex Digital Heater will heat up to 80 feet by circulating warm air.  Unlike some other space heaters, it features a quiet yet powerful fan to make certain the entire room gets warm, not just the area directly in front of it.  Once you set the temperature, the automatic climate control makes automatic adjustments so that it never gets too warm or too cold.  The touch panel LED on top of the Vortex lets you easily see what you’ve set the temperature at, and you can use the handy remote to change it as necessary.  It has two different speeds, 800 watts and 1500 watts, and you can also set it to act as a fan so you can get some use out of the Vortex during the warmer months, too.  It even features programmable options so that you can have it come on a few minutes before your alarm goes off in the morning.

The Vortex is safe to use as well—it features over-heat protection and will automatically shut off if it’s tipped over.  It’s also cool to the touch, so you don’t have to worry about children burning themselves.

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