Many people would like to grow their own garden, but it can be such a chore.  First of all, you’ve got to have space for it, and many people simply don’t have a large enough yard for it.  If you live in a flat, a garden may be all but impossible, especially if you don’t have a large balcony or patio.  topsy-turvy-planterThen there’s the fact that you have to prepare the soil, plant the seeds or plants, weed the garden, water it, keep an eye out for pests and parasites…the list goes on and on.  But what if there were an easier way?

Well, there is.  The Topsy Turvy Planter allows you to easily grow different vegetables and even some flowers without ever getting your hands dirty.  All you have to do is hang it in an area with good sunlight, make sure to keep it filled up with water, and you’ve got a hanging garden anywhere!  It works on patios, balconies, and even indoors.  The plants actually grow straight down, which gives it a very interesting and almost bizarre look.  However, there’s absolutely nothing different between these upside down plants and those you’d grow in a standard garden.

The Topsy Turvy Planter is almost always shown with tomatoes growing in it, and while that’s certainly an option, there are other things you can grow in this interesting little device.  You can grow peppers, cucumbers, and even some types of flowers in it.  If you’ve got the space, you truly can grow a huge indoor garden using these planters.  The only thing you’re limited by is the amount of direct sunlight.  You don’t have to worry about weeding, training plants around cages or stakes, or dealing with any pests at all.  Just remember to water it!

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