You may have seen interviews on television with people who have huge holiday light displays. solar-holiday-lights They have their whole house covered in lights, including their trees and bushes.  They often have lit displays in their yards, too.  One thing it seems like these people are always asked in interviews is how much their energy bill is for the month.  Those with huge displays often say staggering numbers.  While one strand of holiday lights may not seem to draw that much power, if you have dozens or, in some cases, even hundreds, it really adds up.

But what if you could light up your yard without causing your energy bill to shoot up for a month or two?  Well, there’s one easy way of doing that—purchase the Solar Holiday Lights kit.  This kit contains everything you need to make your home or yard look festive without causing your energy bill to become unmanageable.  Just set up the small solar power collector in a place where it will get plenty of light during the day.  At night, this stored energy is used to power the strings of holiday lights that are attached to the collector.

The Solar Holiday Lights kit comes in two different colors: you can have either all red lights or all white.  You can also select different lengths of light strings so you have exactly the amount of lights you need.  Of course, if you need more, you can always get two or three Solar Holiday Light kits.  You could even use them indoors if you placed the collector in a window where it will get a lot of sunlight.

If you love decorating for the holidays, the Solar Holiday Light kit is the way to go.  It makes your energy bill a little less without taking away any of the festivity of your décor.

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