Working outdoors during the summer months can be sweating, exhausting work.  solar-hat-fanGardening, tending to your flower beds, mowing the yard, or even spending some time outdoors can quickly make you feel flushed and warm.  Getting indoors and in front of a fan feels so nice, but you hate to miss out on some of those gorgeous summer days just because it’s hot.  However, you can enjoy both with the Solar Hat Fan, a unique little device that anyone can use.

The Solar Hat Fan doesn’t come with a hat.  Instead, it’s a small fan with a solar panel attached.  Both are connected to a clip that attaches to any hat that has a stiff brim, such as a baseball cap The solar panel can gather up enough energy after just a few minutes in the sun, and then the little fan powers up and blows nice, cooling air right on your face.  While the fan does work best in direct sunlight, it can still power the fan even if it’s slightly cloudy.  The adjustable mount lets you aim the fan at the part of your face that needs the most cooling.

There are other little fans out there, but they all require batteries.  Why waste the energy when you can have one of these neat little Solar Hat Fans that powers itself?  It will keep you cool outdoors (or even indoors, if you suddenly find your air conditioning is broken) and it’s completely green.

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