Wind chimes are often used to create a pleasant sound for your deck or your balcony.  solar-chimeA few of these dangling decorations can really create a nice background sound for any outdoor picnic or lazy evening spent outdoors.  But typically wind chimes only work their magic on a windy day.  If there’s not a hint of a breeze, there’s no nice sound for you to list to.  However, the Solar Chime guarantees that you get some unique satisfaction from your wind chime no matter what.

This interesting wind chime features a small solar power collector that charges up when it’s in direct sunlight.  The sun’s rays are they spread through the prism, sending beams of color all around.  Then, every 30 seconds or so, the built up energy rotates the crystal, making the three chimes move.  You don’t need any wind, then, to enjoy this great sound.  Of course, you do need sunlight, but it doesn’t take much at all to make the Solar Chime work.

The Solar Chime comes with a hook so you can hang it outdoors in the place of your choice, but it also features a suction cup hanger so you can hang it inside as well.  This way, you can enjoy the colors and the sound of your wind chime even during the cold months when you don’t spend that much time outdoors.

Anyone who loves wind chimes and the pleasant sounds they make is sure to enjoy this unique type of chime.  It’s also great for anyone who spends a lot of time out on their patio or simply likes gifts that are a bit out of the ordinary.

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