As you’ve probably heard many times over by energy-efficient people, articles, and websites, everything draws power when it’s plugged in.  It doesn’t matter if the device is turned off or if it’s plugged into a power strip.  All electronics continue to pull a little bit of power constantly if they are plugged in, and besides being wasted electricity, it’s also something we have to pay for.  Granted, they don’t draw a lot of energy, but it does add up.

However, the Smart Power Strip can prevent all of this wasted energy and money.  It has several different color-coded plugs for your electronics.  smart-power-stripThe main electronic device, such as your computer or television, goes into the main blue outlet.  The other devices, such as your printer, monitor, DVD player, or cable box, plug in to the other outlets.  The power strip contains sensors in each outlet that tell it when the main device is turned off.  It then shuts down all of the other outlets so no power goes to anything until the main device is turned back on.  This can actually save you over 70% of the energy used by these devices, plus it provides you with surge protection.  Three outlets on the Smart Power Strip are always on, too, so you can use the power strip for things like alarm clocks or internet modems and routers that may always need to be on.  Six other outlets in addition to the main outlet give you plenty of space to plug in many different devices.

Saving on energy is a great way of cutting down your monthly bills, and while it might not seem like a huge savings by powering down these devices, every little bit helps.

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