Does your family fight over the shower?  Are you always waiting while someone takes way too much time washing their hair?  Showers are one of the ways in which people waste a lot of water.  It isn’t always intentional, either.  Sometimes, we lose track of time while standing underneath that relaxing spray of warm water.  shower-manager-and-timerSure, we can try to time our showers, but it can be difficult to tell how much time has elapsed when you’re rinsing and repeating.  However, now there is an easy solution to keeping an eye on your shower time and making certain you don’t waste water.

The Shower Manager & Timer is a cool showerhead that helps you save on energy and water, plus it will make certain no one is standing outside the bathroom waiting to shower for half an hour or more.  All you do is replace your current showerhead with the Shower Manager & Timer.  Then you set the timer for either five, eight, or eleven minutes of full-on water power.  Once this time is up, the water pressure cuts down to two thirds of maximum.  This gives you enough water to rinse off but doesn’t give you enough to linger in the warmth.  A warning beep also tells you that your shower time is almost up.  To reset the timer, just shut off the water for five minutes.  The device does need a nine volt battery to operate.

If you have family members who tend to take long showers, this will cure them of that habit.  It’s also a great way of making sure you aren’t late for work because you spent too much time in the shower, and it saves a great deal of water.  It’s a winner all the way around—unless you like long showers!

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