If you’re like many people out there, you’ve probably never heard of a composting toilet.  Few people really have.  However, these alternatives to standard toilets are both green and can actually save you a good amount of money in the long run because they save on water. The Santerra Green Composting Toilet series features four different types of composting toilets, all of which can provide you with a toilet system that’s green and economical.

santerra-green-composting-toiletsThe waste toilets deal with is actually about 90% water.  That’s a huge percentage, and cutting that number down is goal of low flow toilets and composting toilets.  A Santerra Green toilet actually evaporates most of this water and then vents it back out into the atmosphere so it’s not simply wasted.  This leaves behind useful compost that you can take out to your garden or flowerbed and use as fertilizer.  How does this work?  The toilets use state of the art composting technology that uses two different fans to continuously move heated air through the system.  This helps evaporate the water and speeds up the composting process.

You may be afraid that a composting toilet is going to smell, but the Santerra Green line of toilets does not.  The fans and other special technology in these toilets keeps them odorless.  Of course, they do rely on your emptying out the toilets on a regular basis and adding in a daily mix treatment to keep the composting going.  If you don’t, well, the smell is your own problem then!

The Santerra Green Composting Toilet comes in X, Y, Z, and V series, and each has its specific uses.  Some work better in small bathrooms, while others need to be on a slab.  The X and Y series don’t need water, while all but the V series can work with no power supply.  The correct model for you depends on where you want to put your composting toilet.

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