Don’t you hate it when your produce goes bad?  produce-fresh-bagsOne of the most annoying things in the world is to reach for that “fresh” tomato that you swear you just bought a day ago and find it squishy and rotten.  Sometimes, finding your produce not quite as fresh as you expected can even ruin your dinner.  But how can you keep your produce fresh for extended periods of time?  There’s just no way, is there?  After all, fresh produce will eventually go bad since it produces ethylene gas, the cause of rotten produce.

While it may not be possible to find produce that will never get rotten, you can slow down the process.  One way of doing this is to purchase produce fresh bags.  These special bags are created using a coating that actually absorbs the ethylene gas and removes it from the bag, leaving the produce safe from its effects.  This not only makes the produce last longer but it also helps to reduce the amount of vitamins that get lost as produce ages. In fact, produce fresh bags can actually help produce retain up to 50% of their vitamins and minerals, making them healthier for you!

The produce fresh bags also feature anti-fog surfaces that helps to minimize the amount of moisture that accumulates in the bag.  This helps to prevent the growth of bacterial and mold on your produce.  Best of all, each of these produce fresh bags can be reused up to ten times or so, making them ecologically friendly.  With a box of 20, you’re getting up to 200 uses, which should be enough to last a household for several months or more.

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