If you’ve been to a park during warm weather, you may have seen people flying stunt kites.  pocket-kiteThese kites aren’t like the traditional rectangular ones you may have played with as a kid.  Instead, they’re aerodynamic tricksters that can do many different, exciting things in the hands of a skill kite flyer.  If you want to try doing kite tricks yourself or know someone who might, check out this cool Pocket Kite.

In addition to be a state of the art stunt kite that can do loop the loops and other stunts, the Pocket Kite has one other amazing trick: it folds up and fits nicely into a small carrying pouch.  Because there are no support rods or other stiff items in the kite, it can be collapsed into a very small package.  However, when it’s unfurled, it’s easily 45’’ by 20’’, a good sized kite.

The Pocket Kite is a long rectangle of multicolored fabrics.  The dual string controls attach one on each end, giving you the ability to more accurately control the kite.  The material it’s made out of is nearly indestructible, so even if you crash into a tree or the kite hits the ground hard, it will be back up in the air in no time with no scratches or tears.  The Pocket Kite makes a great gift for kids and adults alike, especially for those who dream of the sky.

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