As 2009 comes to an end, there are a number of different things to purchase to get ready for the new year.  plantable-seed-calendar-2010One of these things is a new calendar.  In fact, most people need two or three new calendars.  Usually, they keep a calendar in a few different places in the home, and they often need one on their desk at work and a travel calendar to keep in the car or in their purse.  But what happens to the 2009 calendars?  Most just end up in the trash, although some people do cut pictures out of them or recycle them.  However, the unique Plantable Seed Calendar 2010 offers a very different way of getting more use out of this calendar when 2011 rolls around.

Besides being a great looking calendar that works for the home or the office, the Plantable Seed Calendar 2010 features wildflower seeds embedded in every page.  On the first of each month, pull off the previous month’s page, take it outside, and simply bury it in the ground or in a pot.  Before long, you’ll have some beautiful wildflowers sprout up!  In addition to the different seeds each month contains, the paper is all 100% post-consumer waste that has been recycled.  This calendar is truly one of the most ecologically friendly gifts you could ever give.  Every page is handmade and features drawings and decorations designed to fit the current month.  It also comes in a nice reusable tin that you can use to keep pages in until you want to plant them or use for other items.

The Plantable Seed Calendar for 2010 is a really great gift idea that is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves flowers.

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