Many people love to collect Christmas tree ornaments.  pine-needle-ornamentsIn fact, for some it’s a holiday tradition to purchase a new ornament every year.  Some parents buy an ornament for their children every year so that by the time they move away, they have a nice collection of ornaments that are very special to them.  Others simply like to add something new to their trees each year or replace old or broken ornaments.

If you’re looking for some ornaments that are unique and that you won’t find in any local department store, then you may want to look at these pine needle ornaments.  They are handwoven in Nicaragua by women who live in a co-op on a ridge above the city of El Cerro.  These women collect pine needles that fall from the trees around the co-op and weave them into various different crafts and ornaments.  This creates a sustainable economy and is a great form of using what nature provides to make amazing decorations.  The ornaments have that great pine smell, creating a natural type of air freshener.  They are also Fair Trade certified, meaning that the women get the money made from their ornaments.

You have three different designs to choose from: a star, an angel, or a bell.  Of course, you may want to purchase a set of all three to make your tree look really pretty.  The different ornaments have been dyed a maroon color so they stand out when placed on your Christmas tree or hung in your window.  You could even hang one of them in your car to give it a fresh pine smell.  If you’re looking for a great new ornament, you really should look at these.  They’re unique and sure to be a great addition to your tree.

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